About us

Rooted in Science Sourced Worldwide

A unique approach

LianBio leverages an unparalleled global innovation mining platform and a China-centric execution strategy to enable partners to access the large and dynamic healthcare landscape in China and major Asian markets while enhancing their global development initiatives.

Our Focus

We focus on sourcing the best opportunities and creating new therapeutic paradigms for first-in-class programs. We employ a scientific insight-driven approach to selecting products and unique technology platforms based on proven science to effect broad impact on conditions of unmet medical need.

Our Value Proposition

Our business model enables us to work effectively with partners worldwide. We support leading biotech companies who have not previously engaged in development in China and major Asian markets. Through balanced partnerships, both strategic and financial, we believe we can harness compelling science to bring better medicines to patients.

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Our motivation

We recognized the need to bring the world’s leading science to China and major Asian markets.

Significant unmet medical need across the geography, coupled with an absence of leading approaches to treat the specific cause of diseases, creates the opportunity to bridge leading medical science with the second largest and most dynamic healthcare market in the world.

Our Team

Our team is a strong blend of industry insiders, including recognized leaders who are highly experienced working in local markets, as well as those with a track record of working cross border.

Together we have extensive experience championing and building local companies where innovation is a key objective.

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